Inspiring Prius Owners from the Middle East

The Prius is a marvellous work of automotive invention that goes beyond the limitations of conventional thinking. Toyota Prius possesses a distinct personality that makes a lasting impact just like the Prius owners whose lifestyle stories are showcased here.

  • Hamza El Bellaj (Photographer)

    With rich experience in the fields of photography, cinematography and graphic design, Hamza El Bellaj's works span from the MENA to Europe, and beyond.

  • Abdul Ghani Kalla (Musician)

    Ghani not only performs traditional Arabian music, but also mixes modern sounds in an innovative way. His creative music continues to captivate the global audience.

  • Yahya Al Hooti (Freediver)

    An accomplished freediver, holding the unofficial Omani record. Yahya Al Hooti spends his time above water working for the Ministry of Marine Environment of Oman.

Innovator's Voice

In an era that fosters creativity and innovation, the videos below explore some of the most fascinating innovators from the Middle East. Their visionary ideas creatively leap to disrupt the usual, the expected. And just like the Toyota Prius, they accept bold challenges and innovate to make a lasting mark. Take a look at these inspiring videos to see the Prius from their unique perspective.

Anisa Al Raissi - Adventurer 

Anisa decided to swap her day-to-day work routine for a life of adventure where she challenges herself to accomplish new experiences on a daily basis. Anisa will be the first Omani to take part in the Women's Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition 2017.

Salem Al Dhabari - Falcon Breeder 

Salem has been breeding Falcons overseas for more than 10 years. His passion and unique skill has led to the rising number of award winning Falcons

Ahmed Almazroui - Top Innovator and Businessman 

Named as the National Newspaper's Top Innovator, inventor and businessman Ahmed Almazroui develops problem-solving technologies every day, including the world's most advanced robot jockey.

Salem Al Shehhi 

Being one of the youngest wheelchair track racing champions in the world, Salem has proved that, with dedication, anything can be accomplished. He won the 100m gold and the 200m and 400m silver medals at the T54 class at IWAS World Games. He is a hybrid racer who combines the mechanics of his wheelchair with his pure muscular strength.

Deyaa W Rambo 

Known for his tag 'Deyaa One', Deya'a Rambo proudly represents his country, Saudi Arabia, and exhibits his mastery of graffiti at numerous events and competitions through character developing skills, curve-shaped letters and creative murals.

Prius - Beyond Possible 
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PRIUS Functional Benefit - Hybrid 
PRIUS Emotional Benefit 
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